What are Wax Pens, and why do I need one?

You may have heard a lot of buzz around vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and wax pens. What exactly are they, specifically wax pens? If you do indeed enjoy the consummation of wax, then a wax pen may indeed be the most perfect apparatus imaginable.

A wax pen transform your inhalation experience in every facet. The very convenience, health, and quality of vaporizing just makes the usage of tobacco or medical marijuana so much more pleasurable.

The Growth of Dabbing

Dabbing has taken off as one of the most popular forms of marijuana production and consumption, second only to standard dried herb vaporizing. Let us now look at the three main forms of vaporizers, wax or dab pens, and vape pens.

The desktop variation is the largest, and are for home use, being able to handle the largest amounts of wax or herb. The portable vaporizer is handheld, and will need a rechargeable battery to be able to vaporize a comparatively smaller amount of substances. Finally we have the vape pen, which makes up for its minimal load with its incredible discretion. The dab or wax pen will almost be the same contraption as a vape pen, providing maximum privacy and discreteness for the medical marijuana patient on the go.

What is Dab or Wax?

What exactly is a dab, and what is wax? A dab simply refers to a very small hit of highly concentrated medical marijuana in a wax form. This is an application of marijuana that has endeavoured to bring it to its most powerful and effective form.

Dabs should not be confused with hash oil. This is a waxy formation which is rather brittle, quite similar to the look and texture of hardened honey. While the term ‘dab’ may share some similarity with that of the dictionary definition – a very small amount of something, the actual reason for the term mainly comes from the actual process of dabbing was onto a heated surface, which then allows the evaporation needed for sufficient inhalation.

Due to the fact that a dab will be a far more concentrated form than that found in the ordinary smoking of marijuana in its dried herbal form, you are ensured a very intense and sensational effect almost immediately following exhalation.

Dabbing has just become such a massively popular alternative to the original smoking forms, which involved rather harsh smoke being inhaled at large amounts, easily causing irritation of the cilia in the lungs and other passageways of the respiratory system.

The Growth of Dab Pens

So, what exactly is a wax or dab pen, then? These are small and portable vaporizers that have been especially designed to permit the user to vaporize marijuana concentrates, in order to best ingest the medicinal properties of this plant.

This is an excellent alternative to inhaling smoke, which many patients will not be pleased to endure, especially if they do not want their lungs being affected by the harshness of smoke.

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