Should You Invest in Tesla?

Do you aspire to own a vehicle sometime in future? Are you looking to upgrade your car for a better one? Is safety one of the key aspects behind your mind whenever you think of a road trip? Does your car satisfactorily meet the set environmental standards? Look no further; Tesla is the solution to all these questions and many more. Road safety does not end with careful driving and a keen observance of traffic rules. You may have successfully undergone an online defensive driving course and achieved an attractive discount from your auto insurance provider, but does the car you drive fully satisfy all your needs as a driver? Discussed below are some of the reasons why you can never go wrong with Tesla. It is no wonder then that NJ facts for the adventurer recommends Tesla as the best car for your road trip. Read on to learn more about Tesla.

They are the safest vehicles on the road: Crumple space

To most motorists and passengers on the road today, safety comes first before discovering New Jersey facts for the adventurer or any other relevant concern. Despite any driver’s online defensive driving course record, the sad reality is that accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. Tesla is not only built to prevent the occasion of accidents, but it is also designed to best handle them in the event of their occurrence. The secret behind this lies with their lack of an internal combustion engine, which leaves a void at the front unlike most of the other cars on the road. This space plays a crucial role as a shock absorber in the event of a head-on collision. This crumple space has been known to reduce fatalities a great deal, unlike all the other cars that are dependent on an internal combustion engine.

They are eco-friendly: Zero emissions to the environment

The emissions policy of vehicles has long been a topic for discussion in many countries to date. This is particularly when it comes to diesel or petrol cars. With Tesla, however, this is a non-issue due to the source of its power. Tesla prides itself as being the pioneering company regarding the production of cars that are fully electric. This makes them the only vehicles that are a hundred percent environment-friendly. With virtually zero emissions of exhaust fumes to the atmosphere, Tesla is the way to go if you care the least about your environment.

Tesla is the car of the future

Fossil fuels are exhaustible and are diminishing at a fast rate. Soon, the cost of maintaining vehicles running on fossil fuels will be too much to bear if possible. Not only is Tesla’s source of energy clean, but it is also renewable and therefore not- exhaustible. The reason for this is that electric power can be harnessed from several different sources including; solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-power among many others. Tesla’s lithium batteries are designed to give you the maximum distance per charge and are therefore very efficient.

Efficiency and stability

Tesla far outranks her fuel counterparts in as far as energy efficiency is concerned. Furthermore, this car is the most stable vehicle currently in production. Most of Tesla’s weight is its batteries which are located below the rear wheels. This arrangement gives the car maximum stability which is very useful when driving at high speeds specifically when turning in corners. Tesla’s stability minimizes the risk of overturning when negotiating sharp bends even at elevated speeds.

To this end, it is obvious that Tesla is the way to go if you are considering buying a car or upgrade your existing one for a better one. This is in as far factors such as safety, stability and efficiency are concerned.

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