Know How the Different Print Services Can Save Time and Money


Printing services are those kinds of services that can actually help you save both time and money, all in one place. Do you think it to be true? Well, the short answer to this million dollar question is “Yes”!

Print suppliers who can meet all of the business needs of your company in one place are few and far between, this is mainly because of all the machinery and infrastructure that are required to facilitate this are very expensive as well as require a great deal of space to house. There are obviously many different items from business stationery, letterheads, compliment slips and business cards that can be template driven simply, replacing the names and addresses etc, and then printed up either together or digitally to save a part of expenditure. NCR pads and continuous stationery for invoices that can be printed up front and called off as required to also save time and money, as printing smaller amounts and having to reprint again and again can get costly as well as consume more time unnecessarily.

Of course, not everyone knows the ins and outs of a printing plant. How can anyone who does not have a full working knowledge of the processes involved actually plan the work with best practice considered. This type of information should be provided to you by your chosen print services provider, their knowledge should be offered to you as part of the service. If it is not, then why are they there? What are the additional benefits you get from using that particular supplier?

Whether you use all the print services offered by a particular company or just a few, knowledge is power, and knowing what is available to you can only ever be an advantage. For instance, you want to send a mail out, but unbeknown to you they are also a fulfilment and mailing house. So, they print you mailer and send it to a different mailing house (obviously you incur a delivery charge along with their usual mark-up on everything else). The mailing house, in turn, applies all of their usual mark-ups and before you know it you are haemorrhaging money! If only you knew your printers’ full capabilities, how much unnecessary expenditure could have been saved, if only the communication channels were open.

We all fall foul of complacency from time to time, often making the decision to just stay where we are as it must be easier, or I do not have the time to look around, or I just can’t be bothered. But this is a part of the problem. You as the client deserve a certain level of service. It should be compulsory but it is not. You have to look for it; even demand it. You are the customer and you must remember that, do not just settle.

Knowledge is power, time is money, communication is key – all are good and well known sayings but how many of you can actually say you put them into practice!

Summary: This article reveals how the different kinds of print services can help you save both time and money.

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