Is it time to rent office space for your business?

office space

While many freelancers start out by working from home, there soon comes a time when finding dedicated office space to work from is an essential to really help your business grow. Find out what the benefits are and if your SME is ready to go to the next level by finding office space to rent.

If you are a freelancer or are running a business from your home you might feel that finding office space to rent is an unnecessary expense you could do without. While it is certainly important to keep you overheads as low as possible, especially during the early days, you could find that renting office space could have a number of benefits that you didn’t even realise.

The Advantages of Renting Office Space for your SME

There are all sorts of reasons why finding office space to rent might be a good idea if you want to take your small business on to the next level. Many serviced office spaces have a wide range of facilities such as receptionists, IT support and dedicated meeting rooms that you would be hard pressed to find while working from home.

Even if your business doesn’t need any of these things, it can be difficult to fully dedicate yourself to your work when you are working from home. If you find that your day is filled with distractions that prevent you from working at your optimum then renting an office could be the answer to your problems.

Renting office space doesn’t have to be expensive either. There is wide availability of offices to rent in lower cost areas than the usual business districts. However the advantages to your business could be immense and the costs will soon be offset by the increase in your business turnover from having a dedicated working space with all the appropriate facilities to help you become a successful enterprise.

Renting an office gives the right impression to your clients. They can see that your business is secure enough to need an external space from which to work from. Not only that, but sharing office space with other dedicated professionals is an excellent opportunity to both network and socialise with others from a variety of different fields.

Renting an office could also give you the opportunity to expand by sharing administrative staff with other professionals who are using the building. While you might only be able to afford to pay someone a part-time wage, by sharing staff and resources with other workers in your office you will be able to take on a greater workload than if you were at home on your own.

If you are making enough money to cover all your expenses and more, renting an office is the next logical step to help your business grow. It’s time to become that bit more professional and give your business the dedication it deserves.

AUTHOR BIO : Janet Stone writes regularly on business start-ups and SMEs for a wide range of business websites and blogs. She is dedicated to helping small business grow by helping them with issues such as finding office space to rent and the numerous other factors that are part of growing a small business into a profitable venture. Click here to find out more.

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