Best Forex Trading Tips for New Investors

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There are thousands of investors investing in different markets and portfolios to increase their revenues and diversify their business. These markets include capital markets, commodity markets and foreign exchange markets (Forex or FX) etc. One of the most profitable and famous markets these days is the Forex market as it is highly liquid and investors are trading round the clock. This market has a much diversified portfolio comprising of transactions from investors from all over the world. Forex market is basically used to hedge foreign transactions against Forex risk as this risk is particularly very high for multinational companies having subsidiaries, suppliers and customers based in different countries. With the passage of time, smart investors have started using these hedging techniques for trading purposes and gaining profit from such transactions just like betting. There are many different FX brokers available to help you in your investments.

Owing to the globalization trait of the Forex market new investors are always finding ways to enter the market and earn huge profits from their investments via different strategies and tips. Today brokers like AVA FX also provide their services to online investors making it easy for the investors to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

There are a few tips that can help a new investor in understanding the trends and loopholes of the Forex market and thus using these trends to benefit himself. As you are a new investor you should hire a discount broker like AVA FX as they not only operate online but they also forego other beneficial services like investment advices about your money and the best hedging technique to use for your particular investment purpose like Money market hedges, FRAs and Currency Options etc which definitely helps you start your career in Forex market.

There are various terminologies that you need to understand and follow. You need to know about money management as investing all your money in one portfolio can result in losses and you might lose everything. According to Modigliani and Miller, the investors are well-diversified which means that they understand the worth of their investment and do not spend it all at once. You need to do it professionally and not make the Forex market a casino. The very first mistake made by most of the newbies is that they try to make huge profits and invest all of their money on a hunch which results is unbearable losses. You need to be patient and aware of all the probabilities of your steps. You can use the Value at risk model or probability model to manage your money or AVA FX can do this for you.

Risk management is the foremost important corner of Forex market. You cannot ignore the risk attached to every transaction in a Forex market. As you are a new investor you might not be aware of different risks attached to a particular transaction. According to Modigliani and Miller, the investors are well-diversified which means that they are invested in many different portfolios through which their risk profile is very low. Having a low risk profile enhances the chances of your increased profit and this is referred as Risk Mitigation in Forex language. New investors mostly do not understand in which portfolios to invest and how to manage a good portfolio therefore you should take services from brokers like AVA FX who can manage your huge portfolios for you. By diversifying your risk portfolio you not only decrease the downward risks attached to your investment but you also cease the opportunity to gain huge profits from these investments because high risk brings high profits. A sensible approach is to manage your risk profile in Forex market such that your expected profits percentage lies somewhere between 20-40%.

Hence, if you are planning to enter into a Forex market you should hire someone credible and reliable like AVA FX to manage your portfolios and investments for you.


Ken Ike is a trader, mentor and trading economist with expertise in the Forex and Binary Options market. Ken is a regular blogger and provides his honest views regarding the current trading climate.

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