All You Need to Know about PVC Banners: Their Benefits, How and When to Use Them, and More

If you take a walk down the high street, you’re bound to see a banner or two hanging from a lamppost, wall, or fence. If you attend an event, such as a sports game or festival, you’re likely to see a number of banners as well. PVC banners are used for many kinds of events, whether they’re indoors or outdoors, as they’re handy, convenient, and inexpensive to boot. But if you’re wondering how you can really make use of banners for your purpose, here’s all you need to know about PVC banners: their benefits, how and when to use them, and more.

Their benefits

You may already know this for a fact, but PVC banners are some of the best types of banners you can use for the outdoors. As an outdoor promotional tool, a PVC banner is perfect – it can withstand heavy winds and rain and direct sunlight. But when choosing a banner, whether it’s roller banners, pop up banners, or classic PVC banners – here’s some advice: always choose a good banner printing service which can give you quality graphics and text. Look for a printing service which can give you a no-fade guarantee on the print, especially with the use of UV inks.

When to use your banner

Banners, along with exhibition stands, display stands, and pull up banners, can be used in many events and occasions. They’re commonly found in exhibitions and trade shows, but also in sports events, concerts, bazaars, and festivals. Banners can also be installed outside a shop, along the street, or on a building’s façade. They can basically be used anywhere as long as there’s space to set them up.

Where and how to display it

PVC banners are versatile in that they can be hung in various places and locations. You can choose to hang your PVC banner on a wall or fence, or strung onto a lamppost. An additional tip: when designing your banner, keep in mind that space would be needed for pockets and hemming where string or rope is inserted, so your artwork should be at least 50mm away from the banner’s edge (for hemmed banners).

PVC banners are supplied with eyelets where you can put string or cable ties through in order to hang the banner properly. When hanging your banner, make sure it is stretched tightly so it can appear smooth and your audience will be able to appreciate the full impact of your design.

You can also make use of a banner stand or frame if you don’t want to hang your banner on a wall or fence – these are available for an extra minimal cost, but it’s worth it if you’re using your banner at a long-term event or as a permanent display in your shop.

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