4 Questions to Answer When Choosing a Pop Up Stand

Choosing and designing a pop up stand is not the easiest task in the world. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With a little forethought and planning you can maximise the impact of a pop up stand and ensure you get the best possible banner stand for your business needs.

There are a few key factors to think about when you are choosing and designing roll up banners and pop up stands. Here are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself when you are making the decision:

1. Why Do You Need a Banner Stand?

In other words, where are you going to display it? Are you attending a conference or a trade show? Will you use the pop up stand in your foyer? Once you have figured out the location, think about why you want a stand to be there in the first place. Do you want to sell more products at an exhibition? Or increase brand awareness? Provide employees with information?

2. How Will It Be Designed?

Remember that your design should stand out for all the right reasons. Consider how to display your logo and your main message so it will be easily read, and look at the types of colours you want to include on the pull up banner. If you are struggling to design a banner that looks effective and eye-catching think about hiring a professional designer. It will make a huge difference to the success of your banner.

3. What is Your Budget?

Roll up banners and banner stands come in many different sizes and price points. Think about how much you have to spend not only on the banner itself but on the pitch at the trade show. For example, if you have a large budget for a large space at the show you will also need to spend enough on your banner to be able to afford a large stand, otherwise the display will look odd. If you are on a limited budget there are some affordable smaller options that look impressive.

4. Who Will Use the Banner Stand?

It is important that the person using the stand will be able to set it up and take it down without any problems. Consider how they will use the stand and whether they will be transporting it in a car or will need a larger vehicle.

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Image: Image courtesy of exsodus/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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